Thursday, 1 July 2010

1.3.6 Producers Letter Orvr change

Right so, 1.3.6 Producers letter is now out and if my any change you've not read it yet it can be found here.

Seems to be the first of a major ORvr change being rolled out with the second half being 1.4 at a guess since all clues seem to point to that being one their pretty excited about. Or maybe 1.4 will be related to the still theoretical expansion and they'll be a futher 1.3.7 prior to that, who knows.

The changes seem pretty good so far. With more info to follow through Developers Diaries and some further specifics already starting to go out through the Forums.

Firstly there been the following annouoncement: (Thread can be found here.)

We'd like to announce a couple upcoming changes for General Gameplay in v1.3.6. Please keep in mind that these are not patch notes and additional adjustments may be in the works.

*New User Interface option: Sticky Targeting. Enabling this option will prevent you from clearing your target(s) by clicking an empty location in the gamespace. (Developer Note(s): clears the offensive target first in the event that both an offensive and defensive target is selected.)
*Player health bars will now update correctly when receiving damage or heals. (Developer Note(s): this corrects an issue where health bars would "flicker or bounce" upon receiving a heal or damage.)

Now the second part of that I'm not too worried about, I've never realise noticed a flicks or bounce on the health bars, late in updated correct health displays sure but not flickering. Having said that I tend to use the squared add on for my healer which has it's own share of problems, non of which are any thing to do with Mythic! Sorry Bioware Mythic!

The first point however I'm looking forward to, I've learnt to compensate for it a fair bit but can be extremely annoying loosing your offensive or defensive target due to a misclick and in a chaotic melee trying to track them down again before it's too late can be a massive pain!

Second announcement mainly concentracts on a re-jig of how victory points are distributed (Taking away PvE elements and Prior Tear = Great Idea)

They've also up and stopped mailbox leechers although all it will take is a quick job down to get RvR flagged every 5 mins which would involve a 20ft walk to the other side of the guards and back to get round it. Sure it'll stop people actively AFK but not any one who's crafting/chatting/idling about. So how effective it'll be I don't know. Personally I've never really had a problem with the mailbox guards, I've only really been annoyed by it when a zone is on the point of locking down and then Order come out to play people would rather stay safe in the warcamp and lose the potential Renown Reward rather then come out and fight for it. Of course I doubt this'll make any difference to that situation they'll just idle some where else/stay in IC/not get rewarded for nothing! I know people have issues with people leeching off their hard work out in the lakes but the rewards have always been skewed (rightfully) towards those going out and helping in the form of bonus rewards per BO/Keep take you've been involved in. Dunno have to wait and see how that all pans out.

Against All the Odds sounds like a great little buff however Bootae's raised some good points about wheather this'll make any difference to Zerg distributions as it's doubtful it'll have any impact on smaller groups taking on larger WBs within a contested, active zone.

Only other points I'll bring up is I'm not sure about the new Quitter Debuff angle, frankly if I get D/ced (Which has happened to be a few times within the last couple of months) in the middle of a scenario while playing with a guild party, I'd prefer to requeue with them and join with them for no personal gain till the debuff wears off. Now how ever I'll effectively either have to leave the group for 15 mins (And defending on pops rate could be up to half an hour by the time the group has finished up a scenario) or else the whole party has to sit out and wait for me to be able to play again.

Likewise how is the Quitter debuff going to effect city sieges? Are they including Instances as a "Scenario" for the purposes of this? Other wise the quitter will have no effect at all as a deterent against instance hopping in Cities. Not really happy about this change at all but I guess I'll see how it pans out. Still plenty of time for me to resign myself to being punished for a shoddy connection lol and I can at least see their reasons behinde the change, well I'm guessing it's to drive people back into the lakes. "Can't queue for scenarioes for 15 minutes but can still gain Renown? Get into the lakes for 20 minutes, who knows you may enjoy it!"

Having said that more information should hopefully follow closer to the time and on the whole I'm looking forward to this patch and a shift in the focus within WAR.

Just my two pence worth.


  1. Hi Sarigs,

    I have to agree mate, Mythic really need to work on improving how the quitter debuff and geunine disconnections relate to each other. Though as you say if it encourages people to pop into the RvR lakes more, then perhaps its not so bad.

    Also as requested, blog feedback for you...

    I like the layout, clear and effective, but get yourself a fancy banner with your Chosen on ;)Actually that statement is entirely my own image hungry bias talking lol.

    Using different colours when quoting Mythic is always a good idea, exactly as you've done already.

    You need to change the colours used for your links (and the odd other bit of text), as they're blending into the background. Some I can't see at all and the others are black on a grey background, which is hard to read.

    As a general tip I'd recommend writing up your posts in Word before posting, not only does it encourage you to ponder a bit more and edit without being online, but it helps with grammar and so on. I know I need the help myself and find it invaluable. :D

    Oh and I find its handy to have a word doc handy that I can note down ideas for posts in. That way if I ever find myself at a loss of what to write, I've got a little library of ideas to expand on.

    In a general theme sense, you've started with a balanced and considered style, that's a good thing to keep going IMHO. If you can keep that delicate balance between the fan boy and the overly critical, then you'll be laughing. :)

    Hope this was the sorta feedback/tips you were after! Anyways, great start and I've got you on my blogroll as one to watch. ;)

  2. Excellent thanks, exactly the kinda think I was looking for!
    Had a tinker, think it'll do till I get a bit better at this thing! Wordpads a good idea, had a couple of idea but think I need to work 'em out properly! Hopefully have something up in a day or two! Be a bit intermittent till I get the hang of it all!

  3. Hey there, fresh blogger. Added you to my blogroll.

    As for your post, I'm pretty much convinced that the new underdog buff won't change anything. Well except that good bombing warbands will get loads more renown than they are getting now. But there aren't many good ones(read: those that min/max) out there anyway.

    I have some concerns about the quitter debuff change myself. It seems much less punishing and I see people ragequitting from scenarios more often now. I just couldn't understand why would they go and change it before you pointed it out. City sieges, of course. They want to stop people from instance hopping. It's the wrong way of going about it imo, they should rather just remove the preparation buff (if you DC in the middle you are still in the same instance when you reconnect, if you are fast enough).

    Anyway, good luck with your blog. :)