Thursday, 30 September 2010

The Great Skaven Debate

Well following on everyone digesting the news from last weekend about the future WARs taking there has been a inevitable backlash against the decision by the game producers to make Skaven playable by both Order and Destruction.

Sure it makes perfect sense for them to side with Destro but less so for Order.

Ekalime over at Hypothetical WAR has set out a much less Lore shaking option .

Now personally the different play styles the Skaven option sound great and although a fair few are unhappy about the lack of progression they're gonna offer like Shadow-War and Gaarawarr I'm looking forward to it but TBH I'd much rather square off against a order equivalent like either Lizard-men or Ogre/Dogs of War on Order's side.

Check out his well made argument and then head over to the forum thread he starts regarding it. Unsurprisingly the threads got a bit flamy and non-constructive but themz the net for you!

Monday, 27 September 2010

Gamesday Uk news! RvR Campaign changes and Skaven!

Right just got home after a long 'ol train journey, (Bless you National Rail, if you hadn't crapped up the route at least once I'd have been disappointed!) kettles on and I figured I'd get the jump on the others before their barrage of far better written posts follow - Just remember - you read it here first! Unless you follow Bruglir on twitter that is, in which case second at best but still....

Just before I start was a great day, neat presentation and was good to meet Bruglir, Bootae, Andy and a bunch of Destro from Norm. (I was the sole Azgal representative and Order wisely kept away!) Unfortunately Carrie wasn't able to make it so Andy was on his tod.

So...right ok firstly some minor changes

On Line Shop/Microtransaction:
  1. Server Transfers: Your going to be able to transfer toons from one server to another for a fee, theirs not going to be any cooldowns on it although their be putting in restrictions to stop over populated servers getting increasing any further. Normal rules apply so only Destro/Order characters on any given server.
  2. Mounts: Appears mounts will be availible from a on-line shop, vanity style for a fee, the only one I could see from a screen shot were called started mounts and which, IIRC seemed to be +25% speed and 100% dismount change so seemed aimed at Tier 1.
  3. Pets: Again vanity type pets will be added. Andy mentioned some of these would have a buff associated with them, the example he gave was one that applied a +2 speed increase so other types are likely to be similar sized so very minor but there.
  4. WAR Tracts: Purchasable from an online shop similar to 2-5. Exactly the same as the in game item and you'd only be able to get one.
2 to 4 of the above would be applied account wide rather then per character and from the screen shot of 3 & 4 they were aimed at $9.99, whether thats that they'll be in the end or whether that was meant to be there is a different matter!

Edit: To clarify I only say the $9.99 linked with the mounts and pets and not with the below. Whether it's going to a flat rate for everything/was a placeholder I don't know! Few people have taken it as gospel that it'll apply to everything!

Barber Surgeon:

Their gonna implement a way of completely re-doing your toon's look from scratch which is pretty good for everyone who messed up the character creation and needed a do over! Not said about how it's going to be implemented over then it's gonna be there.

Renown Rank System Change:

So we already knew they were pushing this up to 100 Renown Cap and that they were intending to smooth the journey from 1 to 80. They confirmed they'll be new armour sets 90 and 100 along with further weapons although their wasn't further info beyond that.

Renown Rank Points abilities:

Well this'll be getting a pretty massive do over!

They're removing the renown tactics altogether and replacing them with similar ability as "passive bonuses" mainly as not many people use them and it'll stop people having to mess about slotting further tactics.

They'll also be removing the "tiered" system altogether. Everything will unlocked so you want need to allocate X point in Tier Y to unlock ability Z you can go straight in for the +crit/dmg/resolute defense without the messing about!

Speaking of Resolute Defense they'll be adding in a number of powerful Renown Abilities, each of which will have 4 minute cool down and will obviously be a tactical call as to whether their worth the trade off compared to the increased stats.

The ones Andy was able to talk about were called Last Stand & Total Cleanse.

Last Stand: 4 minute cooldown. For the next 4 - 7 seconds you are completely undamagable(!). After 4 to 7 seconds you die(!) Should be fun expecially with some of the changes to come! I may have orginally stated this was 47 seconds...say them both in your head quickly and i'm sure you'll forgive me!!
Total Cleanse: 4 minute cooldown. Removes all debuffs from your character, does pretty much exactly what it says on the tin.

No idea what it's actually called: 4 minute cooldown. Reduces the AP of all ability used to 0 for it's duration which clue wasn't mentioned!

Whether they'll be others as well to come I'm not sure but he did mention all of the renown abilities will be ungradable with further point investments. This wasn't elaborated on but I imagine in the full of reduced cooldown/longer durations or maybe secondary effects?

Open RvR Champaign Changes:

Ok this was the biggie as far as I'm concerned, you can keep your skaven this is what I was interested in! (Not really the Skaven look cool but yea RvR goodness!)

Right, Well first the domination system is going out the window all together.

Each open zone will have the two keeps and the 4 BOs still. When ever a zone "unlocks" one keep will belong to one of the sides automatically so even in Chaos Wastes Order will have one and vice-versa in Reikland.

You zone into the Keeps, NOT the Warcamps from here on in! You respawn after dying in Your respective Keeps as well! You lock a zone by capturing the opposing keep. That's it no waiting no mess right? Well no it's a bit more complicated then that. Taking a leaf from the new scenario's their going for a far more dynamic take on controlling a lake involving the Battlefield Objectives.

These are still cappable as normal but there is no longer a cooldown on wresting control of them from the opposing side. So no capping and wandering off for 15 minutes safe in the knowledge it's untouchable. You leave one unguarded and they'll be vulnerable.

Why do you need them? Well once capped by either side they will start generating resources and when enough of them have build up a NPC spawns. (Think sappers from the city instances) Now when one spawns it will just sit there doing nothing...

They need to be triggered by interacting with them at which point they will scurry off with the resources and head to your Warcamp. Their gonna be fairly squishy and if the opposing faction kill one they will drop the resources which can then be ninjaed so they'll need watching. (Resources are gonna be important so trying to watch four BOs while guarding the carriers, while attacking the keep and potentially defending your own should do a fair job of splitting zergs and forcing warbands to co-ordinate with each other across a zone, will also have amazing potential for smaller hit squads to run guarilla sabatage tactics!)

So you once you get resources trickling into your warcamp they'll start leveling up your owned keep which will have 5 Ranks.
  1. Rank One: Resource carrier's will become armoured and become far less squishy.
  2. Rank Two: Carrier's will get a speed boast. (Hopefully one and two will mean once you get going ranking up will start escalating by this point)
  3. Rank Three: Offensive siege weaponry becomes available! These will spawn in the keep and can be picked up by anyone and deployed any where, no more siege pads! Siege weaponry in general is getting a massive boast with the single target ones doing around 4k damage unmitigated! (Not sure if they meant it's Unmitigatable or 4k before armour/toughness etc is taken into account but a big increase either way!)
  4. Ram becomes available, more offensive siege weapons spawn, Aerial Bombers* unlock - (*)Patience!
  5. More weapons, more Aerial Bombers!
So should be mentioned that they are changing keeps so they CANNOT be ninjaed and doors CANNOT be harmed other then by Rams. Well Rams and one other think but that's to follow somewhere below! So with keep doors pretty much unassailable untill the opposing keep hits Rank 4 you need to be out in the lake patrolling, watching out for the opposing side as they try and disrupt your well oiled resource gathering troopers!

Keeps are going to have a Anti-res aura within the outer walls untill the Outer doors are taken down so any attackers, usually MDPS ghosting in through the postern (But potentially any class) will not be able to get ressed EVEN IF THE *Insert healer here* IS OUTSIDE THE WALLS.

The keep CANNOT be taken until the Inner Doors are destroyed so no more ninjaing cos it aint gonna work. Once the doors are down its a case of charging in, piling up the stairs, bundling into the lord's room but OH NOES: "Your keep lord is in another castle". Yep Keep Lords are no more instead they'll be a banner where they stood which must be interacted with uninterrupted for a full 30 seconds (timer subject to chance if its not realistic in practise). Now im not 100% on the ins and outs of this part but as the defenders spawn within the keep you are going to keep getting hit by waves of pissed Order/Destro while your trying this so should be fun!

Edit: Once the inner doors of a keep are broken the spawn point will switch back to the warcamp so that once the doors are down you cant keep respawning instantly to disrupt the caps!

It's worth pointing out keeps themselves will start out fully tricked out with siege weaponry so will be defensible from the get go!

Aerial Bombers: At stage 3 aerial bombers unlock, these will effectively be flying mounts which will spawn in the keep which can be mounted by anyone. They'll then take to the sky and will follow set patten patrols though the lakes, not sure the exact routes that will be taken but Andy confirmed they will pass over keys features/choke points to shake things up a bit. The bomber in question can...drop bombs. By the sounds of things these will be pretty devestating so your gonna want to spread out and keep a eye to the sky! Again these seem designed to chew through Blobs in particular which is a pretty reoccuring theme throughout! Once you get bored of bombing you can parachute down to safety! Inside the enemy keep! Wheeeee!

That's about it off the top of my head for the RvR changes but for my money it sound brilliant and as someone who has until recently kept away from the main Campaign I'll definitely be re-joining the War!

So great games day! Although I'm sure there was one other thing.... Oh yeah....

Boom! Skaven Shot!

Rat Orges, Packmaster, Warlock Engineers, Gutterrunners! You want 'em? We gots em!

Seems these WILL NOT be a seperate character! The unlocking mechanism has not been revealed as yet but they will effectively be a "sleeve" for your character, completely replacing your skin and class features for the duration! (I've no idea if there is a actual duration, don't think so but I mean session or what ever!) This'll also mean any renown gained while a Skaven will level up your main toon! They'll be joining both sides (Its ok lore fans, apparently it's happened before in a book! Skaven Slayer I think according to Bruglir). I'm thinking maybe another resource type? Warpstone at a crazy outside guess!

So onto the Class types before this stops being a wall of text and gets into mountainous territory!

Rat Ogres: Huge hulking beasts of destruction, damage dealing mobile siege weapon pretty much!
  1. Lots of wounds!
  2. Lots of toughness!
  3. Lots of damage!
  4. Special Charge Attack! Gives you a speed boast and knockdown/knockback (Not sure sorry!) Any enemies in your way! Reminds me of the Tank from L4D!
  5. Special Hurl Attack! Pick up a near by ally and throw them up on the enemy keep wall! (This sounds like so much fun but potentially could cause a fair bit of grief "Gimme healz!" "No I'm busy healing others!" *Hurl*)
  6. Can damage doors. Other then Rams the only thing in the game that can!
  7. Can't be healed! EXCEPT BY.....
Packmaster: The brains to the Ogres brawn your looking at a squishy buff/debuff type dude!
  1. Can heal Rat Ogres!
  2. Very Squishy!
  3. Can produce buffs that effect allies around and that again compliment Rat Ogres!
  4. Summon rat swarms that do ridiculous damage (Quoted as 1!) but that apply a outgoing damage debuff to the target. It stacks. Alot. And Quickly.
  5. Can leg it to the nearest Rat Ogre if in trouble! (Sounds like pounce but defensive only and to the nearest Ogre...which is also likely to be Hulking out in melee range of people!)
Warlock Engineers: A defensive beast, adept at protecting keeps especially
  1. Has a number of AoE pulsing buffs, increased AP regen or healer pluses. Sounds like a extension of the Zealot/Rune Priest ritual system.
  2. Has a Warpfire flamethrower!
  3. Can repair siege weapons!
  4. I should point out all of the classes will have further ability but these are the ones they're prepared to talk about at this stage!
Gutter Runners: Fast, Invisible, Utility heavy sneaky rat bastards
  1. Has a permanent stealth mode
  2. Run invisible with a +70% speed increase. At all times!
  3. Very very squishy!
  4. Can "leap" onto keep walls in a single bound!
  5. Can sabotage siege weapons which will trigger when someone trys to next one it. Will deal 4-5k and break the siege weaponry which will then be unusable till either a Warlock Engineer gets to it or that repair renown ability is used!
  6. Very low damage dealing wise though, they'll be strictly utility based running around hampering opposition!
That's pretty much it I believe, their was some Q&A, I'm pretty sure he said "Yes" when asked if forts were making a comeback but I missed the wording on the question and so may well have been one of those "are they any plans" "have you thought about" "is there any chance" rather they a straight forward are you putting them back in kinda thing.

I did check and the new keep system will pretty much mean guild can no longer claim keeps (Although this hasn't been finalised) so a guild wont be able to control the siege weaponry, Bombers etc distribution.

Likewise Tier One will remain pretty much as before as they have no keeps and there are no plans to change that.

Oh yeah and they did mention they looking into potentially cross service scenario queuing or some kind of matching up similar groups against each other (But looking into could mean anything!)

And that's me done! I'm sure their are shed loads of spelling errors/sloppy english above but it's late, been a long day and I've been writing this bloody thing for the last 2 hours odd so....POST!

Bah couldn't do it, edited and hacked out a lot of bad english/spelling mistakes, still not perfect but at least it's readable!

Saturday, 11 September 2010


Well finally dinged 61 last night, I know it’s not exactly a massive benchmark but I’ve been stuck on 60 for what seems like forever (and has been a just under a month in fact).

Why? Because of this motley collection of alts:

Sarigs: 40/61 (Finally) - My Main Obviously, Still fully S&B and playing purely defensive roles mainly for guild groups, not been PUG Warbanded with him for a long 'ol while mainly because I'm defensive to the point of pretty much uselessness on my own or amongst unorganised Zerging kittens. Hoping to phase in some more DPS but gear is still a major hurdle for me, plus I don't like change so switching between different set ups, has never really appealed to me!

Larkett: 40/42 - Mainly only log him on if the guild short of healers, has been a lot of fun playing around with the new Harbringer function and flicking between healing and DPSing depending on the scenario while on my tod. I've sworn to only heal while with the guild though! QQ (Their just jealous of me really!)

Gorkitt: 31/22 - My oldest toon behind Sarigs and horrifically neglected. I should really put the effort into getting him up to 40 next but I'm just not a massive fan of the choppa, no idea why though. Think I'll try and take him out solo roaming and see if I can get back into the swing of the mechanics again.

Giblettz: 28/25 - My favorite secondary by far. Recently switched him over to Big Shooting after mainly being specced for short range skirmishing. Got caught out a time or two too often so I'm gonna hide at the back for a while!

Ryntle: 25/23 - Loved the Marauder all the way through T1 and T2, Tier 3's taking the shine off a bit but again need to try and get him up and back into it. Definitely my favorite for solo roaming without question however.

Darksar: 18/17 - Not used in quite some time, tend to go through bouts of favoritism amongst my toons and my lowly magus has been having the cold shoulder for a while!

Sesoli: 10/9 - Started for the hell of it while bored, T1's always fun so not in a hurry to drag up through the ranks.

Jeliwali: 6/6 - Ditto to the above, plus my son named her so I'll keep the WE way back on the bench.

Frankly I'm wasting far to much time on various half assed alts and although I have great fun flicking between then I'm spreading myself far too thin!

I tend to still have great fun running a alt through T1-3 and then as soon as I enter Tier 4 I tend to lose interest until they finally max out their rank at 40 at which point they become intriguing again!

Well I've decided to swear off my alts during peak times, maybe limit myself to a alt night once or twice a week, until I get Sarigs up to 70 and unlock Warlord. Think I'll be able to stick to that for a while especially with my guild starting to branch out more into some scale Orvr roaming which has been great fun coupled with the AAOs boasting.

Spend a large chuck of last night switch between Scenarios and cruising across Praag and then into Chaos Wastes was a blast especially being the only survivor of a Destro group pinning stragglers back into their Warcamp for a while....well till the Zerg doubled back for us!

Also this is just sneaky:

Anyways, I did have a point when I started this post but rambled off a tad. Everyone beat me to the punch about the recent hotfix. Moar Medallions = Good news! Away to Gamesday this weekend, randomly crashing at a guildies sofa for the Saturday before the big day sunday so should be fun. And hopefully I'll come away with something interest to share!

Friday, 10 September 2010

Non-helpful BO-Hugging Cats Vs. 3 Man Ambush Squad

Well I was running around with Ryntle my R25 Marauder in Saph with a two group PUG Warband and by the end of it I was fuming.

We'd just cleared Well of Qhaysh and the moderate Order defenders and had moved up to Sari'Daroir the BO just directly north of their.

On the way one of our members gets jumped by a Slayer/Witch Hunter/Bw Trio taking advantage of the AAO buff (and who'd come back to dog our steps across the rest of the lake.) They went down quickly after me and a couple of others jogged over to assist and a nearby healer came over to Res our fallen. (Not one of our healers who were far to busy sprinting to the next BO, a theme about to reoccur)

We moved onto Sari'Daroir capped it and moved across to The Spire of Teclis, we'd just moved in and started the tick when a message comes in from one of our DOKs who'd been jumped on route by the same three and gone down. Now bear in mind that from one BO to the other is literally about a 30 second sprite and he fell on the way, who was stirred enough by a group members plight to double back and help?

Well me and a choppa. By the time us 2 got there the hit squad had faded back into the scenery. The chop buggers off back for his tick, while I sit there failing to Res the DOK using pure mental willpower alone!

I start requesting (nicely) in /WB for a resser or some kind of assistance by which point a Shammy volunteers to double back. In the mean time Order return and unsurprisingly I go down. I warn the Shammy back off without the help of the other 9 Destroy warband members all happily cuddling the BO Flag not a minute away.

Well lo and behold the tick happen a couple of minutes later and then sweeping majestically to the rescue the Group floods in wipes the resistance (All 3 of them) and we're duly ressed.

Not to be ungrateful but FFS what's wrong with you people?!

Why in for the love of Jiff would you sit around when you had plenty of time to go and return you bunch of jerks. I don't blame the choppa for doubling back, without a healer to res it was pretty pointless him being there. Likewise the Shammy who came out afterwards and ended up missing the tick because he was trying to find a way round the hit squad to res us while unsupported.

I ended up apologising to the DOK for the bunch of jerks who made up are our PUG even though none of them were anything to do with me!

I mean I could understand if there was seconds on the clock for the reward but seriously....My Frustration and rage about this relatively minor incident will power me through the weekend!

Also kudos to the three order who hit us again as we we're leaving the Woodchoppa camp after locking everything down and again took 3 of us down while the rest of the group ran unconcerned back to do what ever it was that was so pressing for them.

But really am I expecting too much of people? Would you double back for group mates under attack or just ignore them in favour of free renown?