Monday, 26 July 2010

This weekend I've mainly been....Moshing & Discovering things!

Note I've hopefully fixed the issues I was having with images but if it's still borked let me know please Gonna go back and edit the old posts similarly. :-)

Been away most of the weekend watching The Prodigy and Pendulum play at the Milton Keynes Bowl. Despite getting there late thanks to stupid road works (god bless you M25, don't ever change) it was a wicked concert. If you ain't been to watch The Prodigy before, I'd highly recommend it!

Got back home this morning via a house party, crashed out and still managed to get a few hours of WAR in so good times!

I've mainly been trying to boast Larkett's RR, managed to get him up to 39 so far, which while nothing worth shouting a bit is a big jump from what he's been for the last little while. That plus a very lucky 1st BB/BWE which saw 3 parts of his sentinel gear drop into my lap mean he's on the up. Should be fully warded this week with a little bit more luck and then I can see about DP/Tyrant gear. To be honest I was intending mainly to just use him to help fill out guild raid groups when the numbers/lockouts clash but he's been a lot of fun to run T4 Scenarios with so I think I'll stick with him!

Pwning Empire's Circle
Finished the weekend off with a Aldorf city siege and while we ended up unfortunately in a empty instance it did give me plenty of time to poke around and explore while grabbing Crests to convert into Officer Medallions and I came across something I'd not noticed before. Seems all of the BOs controlled by order have the usual barricades and spikes and whatnots along with a standard banner.

While I'd notice the banner have rosette style paper notes on the back of them I hadn't bothered to try to read them before:

Exhibit A Exhibit the 2nd

As far as I can make out it says this:

"If you can read this your should be dead I mean really, thats like realy good
I mean realy cause in Warhammer you should have eyesight this good, its just not natual and not being natural would make (you?) a which and if thats true than you are really gonna die so you want to reconsider readign this I know I mis spelled misspelled but, hey im from a fake world what do you expect we dont even have toilets and thats another really messy problem we need to deal with, you should smell some of these places it's not pleasant by any means."

Hopefully you can make it out for your self in this pic: Toilets!

Ooooookay weird.... I've not noticed any thing similar on the Destro but enjoyed finding things like this hidden (ok not really hidden) away, any one else seen anything interesting as well?

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