Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Plague Rat spawning points on the PTS.

Well as I was saying before I'm looking forward to the prospective changes to LotD/PLing dynamic that Mythic are obviously hoping to inject some more life into Rvr T2/T3.

Having now had a chance to run around the PTS Server all chickened up I've managed to track down all of the sites in the Empire/Chaos pairing (I've not masochistic enough to search the Elf pairing without a mount/helicopter/at least Flee) I've gotta say....

Tier two:

Order side:

T2 Order WC. T2 Order Map

Destruction side:

T2 Destro WC T2 Destro Map

Tier 3:

Order side:
T3 Order WCT3 Order Map

Destruction side:
T3 Destro WC T3 Destro Map

And finally Tier 3 Champion Spawn point:
T3 Champs T3 Champ Map

As you may have guessed I'm not a fan of the placement of the non-champion spawn points. Only time I've felt the need to post in the forum about it....twice *cough* forgot about the move that's now gone live [points at herald] *cough*

Really hope they change their mind about the placements. With a WC to the north and south perfect placement should be East and West!

Otherwise I don't see it fostering a Pvp/RvR attitude as much as a skip back into the WC and wait for the bad, bad men to go away so we can continue in peace...-titude. Was going to write more but all of the faffing about with the pictures (damn you blogspot just put the picture where I tell you to!) has stolen my rage!

Happy Warring!

Edit/Correction: Just as well I was too lazy to search through Greenskin and Elf pairing as by all accounts they're not getting their own camps which kinda sucks. Especially if your trying to cram all of the 25-31 Powerlevelers that currently swarm LotD into just two *small* spots.


  1. The placement seems to leave a lot to be desired, with the naff artwork it's going to be another own goal.

  2. Aye as it stands It's not looking great, hoping they do it right as it has real potential a idea.
    Just using large rat models is a bit...Meh especially compared to the variety you had in LoTD but placements my main concern.. just checked your blog hadn't even realised they weren't adding to the other pairing. Sucks and makes it all the more important they get it spot on.

  3. Thanks for the pics. I fully agree with you. If Mythic is planning on spicing up T2/3 ORvR they need to reconsider the placements. RvR is at it's worst when there's a warcamp nearby.