Friday, 25 June 2010

First Post

Right first post, thought I'd try my hand at this blogging malarky and see how things go.

Thought I'd start with a little bit about me, I'm a UK based bod, devote father & ex-husband and never seem to have enough time on my hands. I've been playing WAR for over a year now, had my eye on it since before Beta but have never been tried a MMORPG although I cut my teeth on MUDs for a long, long time (Discworld MUD ftw btw). Play style wise I'm casual/hardcore, casual in the amount of spare time I have to sink into WAR and my preference for non-optimised groups and hardcore that I've got to the stage where people no longer shout at me for running in the wrong direction/pulling guards etc (Well at least not that often)

Not 100% on what I'll be posting about, thoughts about WAR, things that pop up, my struggle to optimise my chosen so he's not continually the last person picked for the team!

I'm a member of New Dawn down on Karak-Azgal EU Server, and while definitely not a rabit fanboy, enjoy the game a huge amount!

I'll make my next post a bit more interesting content wise with any luck but my first attempt at blogging and Html frankly confuses the hell outta me so I'll have to play it a bit by ear!

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