Saturday, 3 July 2010

EU Early Access Servers up and running.

Hi All,

Any EU players should head on over to the the Warhammer Alliance forum thread for news on how to get the new Servers up and on line now.

I've done it myself and not hit any problems and Andy at Mythic verifies it on page 3 of the thread.

***Update: Just read through Skar's post regarding the same and points out you should be backing up your files before hand if case of any issues, I'd suggest you check his post out first as I don't tend to think things through!***

Spend most of the morning running round Nordland playing with my R6 Squig herder in the lake, was the only Destro character there and only a single WH for order. Ended up +7 kills against him by the end but he didn't seem to have the hang of sneaking up on someone. Great fun and bagged two ranks and RR by the end of the fun.

Ugly little bugger but playing SH makes a great change of pace from player my Chosen Main.

Any hoo have a great weekend all!

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