Friday, 2 July 2010

Why I'm not out fishing on the Lakes

Well at the moment anyway.

The new teaser information given out over the last week has got me thinking about this. Recently for…maybe the last 4-5 months I think I can count the number of times I’ve gone out into the lakes for something other then duelling/getting to a city siege on my fingers…and possible toes but over 4 odd months still not enough.

I think in part it’s been due to always falling in with a pre-made running scenarios but I always loved, especially when I first hit T4, to join an open warband and get out there. Somewhere along the way the Zerg lost its appeal to me.

With a bunch of alts spread across the different Tiers I’m beginning to get an idea of why and the culprit seems to be the amount of people and losing the sense of contributing to anything. It’s seems any time I venture out into T4 lakes there’s always a Zerg, either a Destro one, in which case you just ride along, or a order in which case you try and not die. Realistically if you’re riding with a PUG WB and 2-3 warbands of order come over the hill there’s only ever one way things are gonna end! About the best you can hope to do is slow them down for a little while but when numbers are weighted that heavily nothing you do is gonna make that much of a difference.

Not that it’s a one way Realm problem either. The Zerg runs both ways and though I’ve enjoyed completely over running an enemy position in the front lines of ridiculously large charge of players. It’s never lead to any particularly memorable moments for me or anything I’m that bothered about repeating.

My small army of alts have taught me that the lower the Tier the more I seem to enjoy it:

Tier One? You can’t pay me to get out of the Empire/Chaos Lake, I rarely if ever both with Scenarios at this stage, other then repeat queuing them while walking from the Destro new spawn point down to the war camp.

Tier Two? Love it, keeps at this stage are great fun and the zones are nicely sized. I’ll queue for Scenarios more often at this stage but probably 9 log-ins out of 10 will be out on the lake.

Tier Three? Uuuugh I lose almost all interest at this stage and I’m guilty of doing what ever I can to get the hell out of this stage as quickly as possible. And if I can’t power level through? Well the Alt just tends to languish at this stage till I can.

Tier Four: Welcome to the Zerg. At this stage I tend to occasionally romp out but nowhere near as often as I should.

The upshot of this post? Well honestly I don’t have one…yet. Going to spend the weekend breaking down why I rate each Tier and try and chuck out a proper, constructive post about how I think T4 could reel me and perhaps others back in.

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