Saturday, 24 July 2010

Tier 2/3 Changes - Plague Rats Ahoy

So patch 1.3.6 notes are out now if you hadn't already heard.

To be honest there's not a huge amount there which worries or really grabs me. The Against All Odds buff should be fun and with any luck should draw more people out to the lakes. I already threw out my views about the Quitter debuff changes and the Mailbox Defense counter here.

The main part that grabs my attention is the changes to LotD and adding high Exp farming mobs to Tier 2 and Tier 3 the form post which can be found here.

Now this I'm really looking forward to depending I love roaming Solo across the lower Tiers with my Marauder and especially Giblettz my Squig Herder but unfortunately unless you bump into opposing Roaming zones tend to either me dead or filled with full Warbands making finding people to ambush tricksy.

I think a large part of it will come down to where they place these spawning camps. Hopefully it'll be a little bit out of the way in the Lakes as placing them in hotspots where the Zergs crossing isn't going to be a massive incentive to try to power level there. Placing them off the beaten track should mean people can level them in relative peace, only having to content with other leveling groups and roaming groups looking for action.

Being out of the way should deter detours by larger Zergs who are actively locking down zones and having one in each pairing should mean you can't just camp them over and over with leveling groups shifting between the and making the hunting more interesting. As long as the Exp makes the Risk/Reward ratio in the favour of levelers they shouldn't be overly put out at occasionally being wiped and being able to relocate if their getting griefed.

As long as mythic don't decide to place it somewhere stupid or despawn them when a zone locks this should be a whole barrel of fun.

I'm still having trouble logging onto the PTS so I've not been able to check out positioning as yet but I think I'm going to retire Giblettz until 1.3.6 is live and get back to solo roaming all the way through the T3!

Also I continue to be stalked by doppleganger this time bumping into another Giblettz, that right you spell it differently, I'm on to you!
Giblettz Name Doppled!
Now come on end of summer, I want my big news hit!

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