Tuesday, 20 July 2010

He stole mah face!

God knows what I'm doing wrong with putting these pics up btw, if anyone's got any advice I'd appreciate it.

Today I logged on my Marauder for the first time in a long while only to run into Sarig's doppleganger in a scenario!

Check out the face of evil.

Mah Face!

I'm distraught and must now hide Sarigs shame with his ugly 'ol Helmet!

On other notes first round of T3 Rvr's not as bad as I remembered, mainly because I remembered this spot:

Fun times.


  1. Screenshots are borked. :(

    I had fun times ganking on that spot on my Mara aswell. When order actually showed up in managable numbers that is.

  2. Yeah I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong, Gpt the pic on imageshack, I can link it in directly but then it's hugh and gets cut off, can't figure out making it clickable to redirect to a larger image. I fail :-(