Monday, 19 July 2010

My Ding-aling and good bye to T2 for Giblettz *Sad Panda*

Well finally got my 2nd Character up to 40 being my Zealot Larkett.

I seem to go through a love hate relationship with him, he is ridiculously squishy although that may be exaggerated by his hodge-podge of random gear. It's like he fell through a charity store and throw on what ever stuck. Hopefully that'll right himself my the time I've build his RR up a little bit, sitting at 33 currently and I've finally been stung by the officer medallion crisis other people seem to be having. They'll like fricking gold dust and I'm not looking forward to having to grind more out. Think I'll just have to throw him at some Orvr and hope I get lucky looting keeps with the Zerg. Having said that, he can throw out the mad healz which is always fun.

On the up side the Server is seeming a little bit more stable although I am still getting a much higher then normal D/c rate it's.... bearable for the moment at least!

And on a sadder note Giblettz finally leveled out of the fun of T2 and into the Grind of T3. The Empire/Chaos pairing of Ostland/Troll country being, I think one of the best across the game through all the Tier's. Not too far to run from one end to the other, lots of skirmishing oppotunities which I'm really starting to appreciate playing with my Squig Herder and my favorite BO....

..being the Monasteryof Morr which has a perfect location right by the Order Warcamp, a straight run across the map from the Destruction WC, meaning it's easy to siege/counter attack quickly for either side, never safe from attack and just all around the place to be for a drawn out war, carnage and general mayhem.

I don't think their's any other BOs that I'm as attached although locationwise Ogrund's Tavern in Highpass is close...but ya know T3ish.

Gonna try and continue leveling Giblettz through Orvr only with the occasional Scenario thrown in for good message, spurning the tawdry easy leveling option that is Land of the Dead. He's really brought me back into the solo Rvr roaming which I never had with Sarigs who mainly leveled through PvE and which wasn't a option for my Zealot so I'm hoping I can cling onto that through T3. Having said that I'm no longer quite sure why I've always been so anti it so maybe I've just demonised T3 unfairly in my mind from bad experiences. Here's hoping!

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