Saturday, 18 December 2010

A spy is me! accused of being a spy tonight by some div which annoyed me and hence spured me into posting again!

The lay up for the accusation is basically logging on while under the influence running round Praag on my tod and trying to track down any Order stragglers and basically pushing across to the Order WC. There's a second solo Chosen doing pretty much the same thing and we catch up to a couple of apparent idlers outside the Order WC. First BW goes down like the AFK Chump he blatantly was while the second AFK Slayer....tears me a new one.... my back up partner was conspicuously absent and that's when I see a /Msg from him sending me messages of encouragement. Turns out I'd missed a duel emote shortly before laying into him and it had all kicked off. Well a respawn and quick dash back and there's a few duellers about now so I line up and join in. (FYI I hate duelling WPs. I never win but always accept out of some seemingly deep seated need to be taken advantage of - backing up and emoting I can stop because he doesn't need the RR from my shame only makes it worse some how).

Now TBH I don't know what your home server is like but on Azgal Praag is always where duellers meet up. Admittedly normally while a Zone is locked and not while Destro are trying and failing to take a keep despite having a 5 to 1 star advantage but still there it is. Anyway skipping to the end of a rather long series of me standing around because I'm actually not in the state to give duelling my full attention and I see a message in /Region 1: Sarigs is a Order Spy!

So there you go! It's official and my secret shame is out! Que telling him where to go and being counter told what I could do with myself but seriously....WTF? What's the thinking behind this? Have mythic implemented a new /spy comment but it only works if your within 30 feet of someone? Does Vent impose some kind of cross realming police which mutes your voice if your not RIGHT NEXT to whoever your trying to talk to? And did Order REALLY need a spy to tell them "OMG They're totally going to hit the keep! Yes the only place they can push. YES their fucking it up and have been for quite some time but don't tell them I told you cos it's a SECRET!" So in finishing STFU random person I've never come across before and probably never will again! I'm totally not /hugging you next time I see you!

Also while I've got a post open I have two things to report! Me and my guild leader were pugging IC today (FYI we kicked ass) and I scored a white loot bag from stage III...

White bag FTW

What in this new holy of holys....?

No idea when I went to claim it it dropped a gold massive bag into my inventory. I know I shouldn't feel hard done by here and yet somehow I do!

And finally finally I really wish Mythic would fix this. I know there are more pressing things on their minds (Or there should be at least) but FFS fix it so locked zones dont keep giving RR ticks for BOs. I could quite happily just idle away time in a already locked zone reaping 4 ticks every X minutes. I know it's not crazy RR/INF but there is no damn reason for it at all. Anyone who dosen't know what I'm talk about I give you exhibits A thru B.

While logging into a already locked zone. Very very minor but it make me feel slightly dirty every time I log off in a zone and then log back in on another day to find it pre-locked and someone trying to give me renown for effectively sitting about looking awesome. I did bugrep this and Twit Andy about it when I first noticed it (When 1.4 first came out) but nothing back about it! Also Merry Almost Crimbo!

Edit: Just checked the screen shots and it's not clear. The Zone is locked the fight only opening zone in the Elf Pairing was Eataine in this stage just because the Map icons would suggest the zone is contested it wasn't!

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Regular Broadcasting Will Resume Shortly! Now with added RAGE!

Right well the last month has been a almost complete write off WAR wise for me unfortunately.

Between housesitting with no connections and work going absolutely mental I've only made it on a couple of times!

But the dawn has broken and I'm back at what I enjoy so regular (well as regular as before) posts should follow!

Having said that I did log on a couple of times post 1.4 going live, not really long enough to get a proper feel for it other then a couple of city sieges and just long enough to start getting majorly irked by the constant refund of mastery points.

You see 1.4 brought in a free refund. So I spend most of my availible time switching through my 8 alts reallocating my mastery points (In almost every case putting them back where they were before other then a play around with the renown abilities). Finally done and BING! Hotfix! All your points are refunded!


None of my guys were even using the ability that got changed! Such a damn waste of time if you don't want to change anything! I know if you do it's great but if you've got to cycle through every toon to put things back like they were yesterday it's just annoying! Make it a token you can change to the mastery trainers! Make it capped at one per toon or just fix it so the first change per toon per refund isn't charged! Jeeze! Or is it just me? Does everyone else practically skip down to the trainers for a change to jam points into random differents trees just to see what'll happen?

Anyhoo...when I finally finish the rounds of fixing that I may be able to get back to beating people in the face!