Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Un-Constructive VL post! Now with added expansion thoughts

Bah after the amount of messing around last night, it went almost disappointing smoothly tonight and the Vulture Lord fell within a couple of tries.

Just goes to show what massed tiredness and frustration can do to a otherwise competent group!

Wasn't a bad run for the guild, our Off Tank Black Guard picked up the Tyrant chest piece, I finished off my full Glyph set (although disappointingly only 1 Tyrant piece in total still) and our healer DOK got his Glyph cloak and enough masks for another piece of his set.

Elsewhere, every one seems quiet - quiet at the moment, just settling in to wait for the big news which is fast approaching when I'm sure the scene will explode again.

Personally I'm still not sure what I'm expecting. Expansion announcement certainly. New races seems a given but I'm starting to lose hope in my preferred tag team of Skaven V Lizardmen duking it out in Lustria. As one of Bootae's comments reminded me in one of his post comments the recent flag backgrounds in podcasts and the like have had a huge "Bretonnia" scrawled across them. Honestly I've never been that enamoured with them, plus while different from a style and Lore perspective they are still at the end of the day more humans for order.

Of course from a IP perspective they could be released in tandem with Wood Elves for a kinda dual-race pairing. That would mean either cutting classes down to just two a piece or making the Skaven faction a deluxed sized affair. Skaven could certainly stretch to keeping 6-8 classes interesting and distinctive I just don't see it happening realistically unless they were also planning on adding some additional classes to the existing races and that just seems like a impossible amount of work for Mythic to do in one go regardless of how large/long away the expansion is likely to be.

You'll notice I'm taking Skaven as a given if new races are coming. I just can't, CAN'T, see anyone at Bioware-Mythic being...silly....enough to think:

"Hey you know what'll be funny? That's add another destruction race, hint all the way Skaven are likely to be involved and then put out Beastmen instead to keep people on their toes!"
*Enter angry mobs stage left*

On a more down beat note Wasdstomp had some disturbing thoughts regarding the "big announcement". I just really hope he's wrong!

Regardless interesting times ahead!

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