Wednesday, 25 August 2010

I have a confession…Goodbye old faithful.

I've been playing WAR on an old 6+ year old comp on the "fastest graphics" and everything slashed down to minimum settings or turned off completely.

The only times I’ve been able to put things up to high is during Pve Raids (That’s specifically because standing around in AOE while Main Tanking is neither big nor clever.) but it’s turned off as soon as the raid’s done to stop my poor geriatric crashing in a storm of lag.

My PC’s huge hard drive (All 60Gbs of it) has finally filled up and I’ve run out of things to delete to make space and so I’ve been (happily) forced into upgrading to a new desktop. Frankly it’s well past time and I’m looking forward to being able to crank everything up to full and playing it as it was designed to be played. Aswell as hopefully making Orvr viable for me again without sildeshowing completely!

Upgrading from a old 1.8Ghz single core CPU to a Quad core 2.9Ghz and my old old graphics card upto a ATI Radeon 1GB HD 5770 and 1 gig or Ram upto 4, should mean I get huge inprovements across the board, but unfortunately it’ll mean finally letting XP go in favour Windows 7 but I’ll live with that one was or the other.

Gotta wait two weeks for it to be build and delivered but I honestly can’t freakin’ wait.


  1. MY old computer was a single core too. You will love the improvement. I upgraded to my quad core a little over a year ago, and it is like night and day.

  2. Jesus, it will be like playing another game. BRING IT ON I SAY !!!!

    Save the SSD drive for another year and that will give another very pleasant boost.

  3. Yea I just ordered one. It came but, the graphics card was bullshit so hopefully (!!!) the replacement getting here Friday will solve all the problems and then we can galavant in WAR and KILL muhfuggas in beautiful graphics!

    GRATZ on leveling!

  4. Yeah I'm practially giddy waiting for this thing! Once it gets here I'm gonna have to convince the rest of my guild to give up premade scenario groups for a while and go a-roaming!