Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Gamescom update: I'm 'a gonna wait it out!

Well spend most of my free time at work scanning for new news from Gamescom and to be honest it's been scant and fairly underwhelming so far. Theres a interview over at Onrpg you can check out here.

Brief highlights are RR cap being raised to 100, Skaven not being added as a normal race but "something different" and not wanting to follow the tradition path of releasing paid expansion every 2 years. And by brief highlights I mean thats pretty much it.

Well...TBH I'm not knocked over here but I'm making a concious effort and I'm going to wait it out and see what else appears before commenting nothing released so far really interests me.

*Possible Server transfer? Well maybe if my home server (Karak Azgal) dies suddenly that may be useful.
*Name changes? No not bothered by that at all.
*Skaven being something different, I'm guessing rules out a new Tier 1-4 pairing zone with a opposite number and could mean anything or nothing.
*RR to 100? Could well be a interesting incentive to maxed characters and I would imagine will mean new armour/weapon/item sets to follow at some point. Personally Im not bumping my head against that particular ceiling but I'm not self-absorbed enough to rule it out as a big issue for those up there. Just hope they don't over compensate with making the attempts to make progression through the lower RR ranks and make it a doddle to hit 80.
*Not going F2P? Pretty much already ruled out so not exactly news.

Andy stated over on his twitter that more detailed..details should follow. Hopefully about other bits being planned cos frankly the stay positive till they pack up and head back to the states before ruling out anything more exciting being announced.
Edited: As Bootae point's out the above further information to follow will be from Baltimore Gamesday this weekend so that could be all she wrote for now. Boo & Hiss indeed!

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