Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Scr*w you Vulture Lord!

Gnah. Its 4 in the morning, I'm meant to get up for work in a hour and I'm just logged from War after spending the last....8 hours trying and failing to take down the 8th boss.

And I mean just the 8th, our group had cleared up to there yesterday...

..Just...gnah nothing went right! Anything from weird things happening, occasional member errors, bad luck, some down right shoddy tanking (Hey im tired leave me alone!) and pretty much everything else.

Just too clarify everyone in the group has finished this before barring a couple of position swaps (Our healer DOK hadn't been primary healer for it before and I'd only off-tanked him previously)

Well enjoy your victory tonight Mr. so-called-King Amenemhetum, cos I'm coming back tomorrow and your in for it.

(Words cannot describe how singularly annoyed I am about tonights run!)

/end self-pity

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