Sunday, 29 August 2010

I hates it. Part 2 - The explanation

Yeah, I'm pretty sure I'm along in this but I'm really not liking the new 6v6 EC scenario.

Why not? Well after doing it pretty much constantly all of yesterday, both solo queuing with PUGs, Dual queuing with a friendly Zealot and as a full guild pre-made I think I've come to it from pretty much every angle and it's just far to short and inconsequential. It also dosen't help that it's been the only damn thing that seems to pop.

God knows how the points are generated but it's crazy quick.

I've not been in one that took longer then 5 minutes start to finish, win, or lose it dosent matter. It's over in minutes and you just requeue again. I know it's a farmer paradise for your fused insignias but it's just far, FAR too throw away.

Just whenever it pops up I can't summon the energy to care how it ends up (except in a pre-made obviously). And the renown your gain from it seems to be rubbish compared to pretty much every other scenario in the game currently, lucky to hit 1.8k even with the 10% bonus and a 500 point lead (although I suppose the amount of bonus 600 RP win bonus adds up at the rate you can hammer through them)

If there seriously thinking about putting this in the rotation they need to take out all point scoring other then player kills or half it or something, TBH I'm not even sure how you get the points but even with 0 kills the losing side still seems to end up with 100-200 points!

So yeah, I love 6v6s but if there thinking about putting one in permently they should seriously just fix AOE/LoS issues with Iron Clad and put that back in. Much more fun and enjoyable IMHO.

Also this is one of the PUG line ups I ended up in while dual queuing with Skumgummi the Zealot. Kinda fixed the eternal question of is there such a think as too many Chosen?
Spoilt Broth
The answers a big fat YES.

Also annoyingly I ran afoul of the Quitter debuff ona T1 alt. Have been queuing while roaming the Empire/Chaos lake, get a pop while in combat. We finish off the Order in the area but I don't come out of Combat in time. The pop expires and I get hit with the Quitter debuff. Wth? Is that meant to happen? I'm guessing not and being locked out of scenario queues because the game wouldnt let me enter the bloody thing in the first place it not cool.


  1. Afaik, you get points per each enemy death (doesn't matter if it's from a knockback) and over time for as long as the marked player (marked by the winds of change) lives.

    I agree, it's much too short, but even as it is, I like it.

  2. The points per player kill is higher than most (don't recall the hard number). You also get points for staying alive while marked, and a lot (~100 iirc) for killing a marked enemy.

    I loved it, even solo queing on my SW. When it was bad, at least it ended quickly. When it was good, it over in more of a rush. The worst aspect for me, was the group of people who just died and went /afk while it ended.