Friday, 13 August 2010

1st Time Draws and Kislev's

Just a quick one today!

Had a strange Scenario fight out last night while running with a guild Premade. Normally there's 4 of us that run about together using various alts with the other two spots being who every else is online and fancies it. Last night due to a some odd playing times I ended up in a completely different group. We ended up with me, another S&B Chosen (who is a absolute DPS monster, I'm still not quite sure how he manages it!), a 2 hander chosen, 1 heal DOK, Zatos the Sorc and a SH, frankly we rocked, and it was great fun mixing up with different set ups for a while.

Just before we settled into that group we had a slightly different line up when the Reikland Factory Sc we were plugging away at came to a abrupt (Seemed like: I dont tend to pay attention to the score/time if it seems to be going well!) end:

First time I'd come across this! Always fun!

Anyhoo I saw this master piece for the first time this week, I'm sure it's old hat for some but first time awesomness for me! :

Your Doom!

And that kinda got me thinking about the Kisliv's. For those that aren't up with there Warhammer IP, Kisliv is a hardy country situated somewhere between Nordland, Troll Country and the Chaos Wastes. Lead by a powerful Ice Queen and Praag had close linkes. There a ally of the Empire rather then a part of it as far as I'm aware but my lore years old! Think Cossacks, think Prussian/Russian medieval, think Mongolian style horse arches, think wind swept Siberia but mainly think BEAR CALVARY! Mythic you missed a trick here!

Bear king!
Images have been ridiculously hard to come by! Most of the models are discontinued etc. Diddn't want to start stealing them from random guys website so I'd point ya here for more Bear Riding Minature goodness! If you like minatures in general the sites got some pretty cool painted/converted goodness. Stumbled across it while trying to grab some offical pic but there all out of production!

Actually I'd settle for adding Cathay to the game!:

Tigers Calvary!
I've also learnt that google image searching for "Bear Cavalry" will never, EVER get old!

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