Friday, 20 August 2010

Pacified for the moment!

Well new news has been leaking over the last while.

Seems the RvR pack will be out before Christmas (here) and I'm more interested by the new plans then anything else right now.

Nobwaart has a transcript of the WAR related questions from the earlier Webchat (Which I missed, stupid work) up here.

Confirms a new zone is coming and will be available to everyone regardless of the Rvr Pack although some content within will be restricted to those with the pack (I'm guessing items etc)

Krossuss has put up some interesting ideas about what the 3P's (Power, Progression and Personality) could mean.

I like the idea of a Tiered unlock, especially if it can be upgraded at a later time once you've purchased a "lower" Tier like Skar suggests.

The only thought's I've had myself regarding what 3P's could mean are the announcement that RR81-100 is being brought in....and they have a expansion-like called Progression being introduced. RR81-100 unlocked by purchased the Progression pack for when you max out and want to keep going rather then re-rolling an alt? I don't see a issue with that myself but could be a bit to similar Pack X=Advantage Y over everyone else for some.

Any hoo colour me intrigued I'm looking forward to more roll outs of news after the initial apathy I was feeling on Wednesday!

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