Tuesday, 5 October 2010

PTS test run, New zone & a single concern.

New Zone Info!
Well been another busy week of news with Bootae getting the skinny on the first news regarding the new Skaven themed zone over here. I was tempted to check out the interview but after trying and failing to skip ahead to the interesting bits I gave up...I'm just not dedicated to put up with the host!

To be honest it sounds like a lot of fun, one of my favorite thing is mixing up Rvr with Pve if it's done well and Tomb raiding is a lot more fun when order is about to prove a fruitful distraction.

Course its far too early to guess how it's all going to pan but I'm looking forward to new news about this in the coming months.

Rvr Change Test Runs!

Other big news over on the Herald is PTS tests going live this Tuesday, Friday and the following Tuesday again!

From the Herald:
>We're inviting our entire Community out to the Warpstone Public Test Server this Wednesday, October 6th 2010, to put the new ORvR mechanic through its paces. We'll be kicking things off at 8:00 PM EDT/02.00 CET, so be sure to log in early to get set up! Tier 3 templates will be provided, as we'll be testing the night away in the Tier 3 EvC Lake.

A second (European friendly) test will be hosted this Friday, October 8th 2010 at 21.00 CET/3:00 PM EDT with a final test occurring Tuesday, October 12th 2010 at 8:00 PM EDT/02.00 CET.

Should be a whole lotta fun and will definitely be hitting up the Friday night Euro friendly testing!

Looking forward to getting hands on with the new changes and seeing how shiny the new mechanics are, especially interesting in how lock rewards are going to be calculated.

A Single Foreboding Concern

I do have one major concern with regards to the new system and that is this. You fly into a zone and land in your keep. If a zerg effectively sieges your keep as soon as a zone unlocks you can't get out. Defending a keep with smaller numbers is one thing, but trying to get out past a besieging force right from the get go, while potential outnumbered is going to be tricky. And close to impossible for soloers or PUG groups.
No access to the zone as a whole and no effective way of of breaking out of your keep. It's counter intuitive but I can't see anything stopping a large body of people effectively blockading you in your keep.

Sure you get Aerial Bombers to break up the blob, but when your keep is rank 0 you don't and if you cant get out while a zerg baby sits you while a couple of small group scoop up the BOs it's going to be fun. Everyone enjoying being camped in scenarios who wont in the lakes?

Maybe some kind of transport system from the keeps to teleport to your War Camp would be the answer. Two access points to the lake and you cant effectively be "locked in".

May not happen and be totally unfounded but you know I can think of it some zerger will. :-)

Edit: Intial reports from T3 suggest they've worked around this by working around which keep belongs to which Realm news can be checked over at Krosuss will be interesting to see how it works in T4 though


  1. I never thought of that, but it can easily happen. Just camp the keep while you farm the bo's, and resources. At least keep reinforcements from coming to help. You can always fly to another zone, and take the long way if that would even work.

    I think there will still be major problems with the changes because I listed several ways also that I think isn't going to work to well.

    Hopefully lots and lots of people show up for the test so some of this can be tested. The problem with the PTS is things are mostly dictated so the real problems won't arise until it goes Live, and than the mad scramble to try to hotfix all the exploits people have figured out on how to win zone locks.

  2. Its very easy to list ways how things wont work when you dont know how they do.

    I have not seen that the flight masters are going so you should still be able to land in the WC.

    Having the option land directly into a keep is a great idea. Obviously you should not be able to fly from keep to keep. It will help people get into large scale rvr quite quickly. Its also going to work quite nicely with aao.


  3. Aye thats true enough Vonplinkplonk but they said you'd be zoning INTO the keep not the Warcamp, and respawning AT the keep that's the concern. Having a choice in where you spawn or some method of traveling between the two if exactly what I'm suggesting and if they've already thought that out then awesome :-)

  4. Your concern is a big concern. I'm guessing that if you are getting camped, at least defensive siege weapons will be available. I could see a bunch of people just unloading on a section of Destro to clear a path out for your allies.

    Could be fun but could also be deflating.