Thursday, 30 September 2010

The Great Skaven Debate

Well following on everyone digesting the news from last weekend about the future WARs taking there has been a inevitable backlash against the decision by the game producers to make Skaven playable by both Order and Destruction.

Sure it makes perfect sense for them to side with Destro but less so for Order.

Ekalime over at Hypothetical WAR has set out a much less Lore shaking option .

Now personally the different play styles the Skaven option sound great and although a fair few are unhappy about the lack of progression they're gonna offer like Shadow-War and Gaarawarr I'm looking forward to it but TBH I'd much rather square off against a order equivalent like either Lizard-men or Ogre/Dogs of War on Order's side.

Check out his well made argument and then head over to the forum thread he starts regarding it. Unsurprisingly the threads got a bit flamy and non-constructive but themz the net for you!

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