Thursday, 7 October 2010

It's All On You Mythic..... for the love of got make it count!

I have had the worst week of my.... well certainly year..quite possible a lot longer! (Bad times at work, divorce papers finally served on me, 5 year old son's birthday who doesn't want to talk to me on the phone because he's distracted by presents [Totally expected but a kick in the teeth I don't need on top of everything else] a whole bunch of everything else going wrong that I'm not getting into)

Anyway, I don't vent in RL hence why your getting more info then you needed, it's culminating tomorrow. I'm expecting another shitty day at work before the weekend so Friday YOU ARE IT.

Make or break time and I'm going to be on the PTS for the Euro Test Event. I turned down drinks for this! Feedback for the US ones seems positive in the main,but I've not been a massive Rvr fan in T4 in general and this is what I'm hoping with suck me in.

Week + Rvr make or break = Eggs in basket. pressure Mythic eh? Salvage my week and you will have my thanks! That's totally why your going to all this effort right...?



  1. Keep your chin up friend, my year has been pretty much exactly like yours and I can honestly say it does get better.

    Bad job, divorce, child and every other bad thing you can think of has rained on my parade over the last year and yet here I am.

    Just mix a nice cocktail, log in, kill some order and keep looking forward.

    Shamy of Doooooom (Badlands)

  2. Thanks matey, I tend to Yo-yo a lot so don't stay down (or up unfortunately) for long! Plus Killing Order: The solution to all lifes woes :-)

  3. FWIW, my 5 year old son doesn't talk to anyone on the phone, not noone, not nohow. They could have sent him a 500' robot in the mail and he still wouldn't talk to them. My 7 year old is nearly as bad but he's better on that than when he was 5.

    More important things to do, dont'cha know.