Friday, 10 September 2010

Non-helpful BO-Hugging Cats Vs. 3 Man Ambush Squad

Well I was running around with Ryntle my R25 Marauder in Saph with a two group PUG Warband and by the end of it I was fuming.

We'd just cleared Well of Qhaysh and the moderate Order defenders and had moved up to Sari'Daroir the BO just directly north of their.

On the way one of our members gets jumped by a Slayer/Witch Hunter/Bw Trio taking advantage of the AAO buff (and who'd come back to dog our steps across the rest of the lake.) They went down quickly after me and a couple of others jogged over to assist and a nearby healer came over to Res our fallen. (Not one of our healers who were far to busy sprinting to the next BO, a theme about to reoccur)

We moved onto Sari'Daroir capped it and moved across to The Spire of Teclis, we'd just moved in and started the tick when a message comes in from one of our DOKs who'd been jumped on route by the same three and gone down. Now bear in mind that from one BO to the other is literally about a 30 second sprite and he fell on the way, who was stirred enough by a group members plight to double back and help?

Well me and a choppa. By the time us 2 got there the hit squad had faded back into the scenery. The chop buggers off back for his tick, while I sit there failing to Res the DOK using pure mental willpower alone!

I start requesting (nicely) in /WB for a resser or some kind of assistance by which point a Shammy volunteers to double back. In the mean time Order return and unsurprisingly I go down. I warn the Shammy back off without the help of the other 9 Destroy warband members all happily cuddling the BO Flag not a minute away.

Well lo and behold the tick happen a couple of minutes later and then sweeping majestically to the rescue the Group floods in wipes the resistance (All 3 of them) and we're duly ressed.

Not to be ungrateful but FFS what's wrong with you people?!

Why in for the love of Jiff would you sit around when you had plenty of time to go and return you bunch of jerks. I don't blame the choppa for doubling back, without a healer to res it was pretty pointless him being there. Likewise the Shammy who came out afterwards and ended up missing the tick because he was trying to find a way round the hit squad to res us while unsupported.

I ended up apologising to the DOK for the bunch of jerks who made up are our PUG even though none of them were anything to do with me!

I mean I could understand if there was seconds on the clock for the reward but seriously....My Frustration and rage about this relatively minor incident will power me through the weekend!

Also kudos to the three order who hit us again as we we're leaving the Woodchoppa camp after locking everything down and again took 3 of us down while the rest of the group ran unconcerned back to do what ever it was that was so pressing for them.

But really am I expecting too much of people? Would you double back for group mates under attack or just ignore them in favour of free renown?


  1. Welcome to Warhammer. Players always take the tick before the good of the faction. I don't know how many times another bo will be under attack to stop the domination, and people will refuse to leave the current bo for the bonus tick. By that time the other bo is ninjaed, and they are pissed even though it was there fault.

    Hopefully the new rvr packs fix all this nonsense of waithammer which they promise is going to happen. I can't wait.

  2. Wasd man, don't be so negative. I once led a pug WB in a desperate attempt to prevent a morning lock of IC on Karak-Norn and these guys all voluntarily moved away from the mansion (?) BO in Praag to the cemetery to wipe out the elite guild WB that was trying to lock the zone.

    We couldn't do it alone of course, we had half a guild WB supporting us, but still we all left the BO unguarded with a single marauder (one of the best solo roamers I ever met) who promised to defend it from order when we saw that the cemetery was under attack. Every single one of that pug WB left, nobody stayed behind to get the tick. And we managed to cap the zone and prevent an early morning IC as they had too many zones to dom-lock. So it is actually possible to have pugs voluntarily miss a tick, it is just extremely rare (the fact that we had to cap the zone before we could go to sleep with a clear conscience probably helped).

  3. I think you are expecting far to much of your fellow players. They were all probably at the toilet.