Saturday, 11 September 2010


Well finally dinged 61 last night, I know it’s not exactly a massive benchmark but I’ve been stuck on 60 for what seems like forever (and has been a just under a month in fact).

Why? Because of this motley collection of alts:

Sarigs: 40/61 (Finally) - My Main Obviously, Still fully S&B and playing purely defensive roles mainly for guild groups, not been PUG Warbanded with him for a long 'ol while mainly because I'm defensive to the point of pretty much uselessness on my own or amongst unorganised Zerging kittens. Hoping to phase in some more DPS but gear is still a major hurdle for me, plus I don't like change so switching between different set ups, has never really appealed to me!

Larkett: 40/42 - Mainly only log him on if the guild short of healers, has been a lot of fun playing around with the new Harbringer function and flicking between healing and DPSing depending on the scenario while on my tod. I've sworn to only heal while with the guild though! QQ (Their just jealous of me really!)

Gorkitt: 31/22 - My oldest toon behind Sarigs and horrifically neglected. I should really put the effort into getting him up to 40 next but I'm just not a massive fan of the choppa, no idea why though. Think I'll try and take him out solo roaming and see if I can get back into the swing of the mechanics again.

Giblettz: 28/25 - My favorite secondary by far. Recently switched him over to Big Shooting after mainly being specced for short range skirmishing. Got caught out a time or two too often so I'm gonna hide at the back for a while!

Ryntle: 25/23 - Loved the Marauder all the way through T1 and T2, Tier 3's taking the shine off a bit but again need to try and get him up and back into it. Definitely my favorite for solo roaming without question however.

Darksar: 18/17 - Not used in quite some time, tend to go through bouts of favoritism amongst my toons and my lowly magus has been having the cold shoulder for a while!

Sesoli: 10/9 - Started for the hell of it while bored, T1's always fun so not in a hurry to drag up through the ranks.

Jeliwali: 6/6 - Ditto to the above, plus my son named her so I'll keep the WE way back on the bench.

Frankly I'm wasting far to much time on various half assed alts and although I have great fun flicking between then I'm spreading myself far too thin!

I tend to still have great fun running a alt through T1-3 and then as soon as I enter Tier 4 I tend to lose interest until they finally max out their rank at 40 at which point they become intriguing again!

Well I've decided to swear off my alts during peak times, maybe limit myself to a alt night once or twice a week, until I get Sarigs up to 70 and unlock Warlord. Think I'll be able to stick to that for a while especially with my guild starting to branch out more into some scale Orvr roaming which has been great fun coupled with the AAOs boasting.

Spend a large chuck of last night switch between Scenarios and cruising across Praag and then into Chaos Wastes was a blast especially being the only survivor of a Destro group pinning stragglers back into their Warcamp for a while....well till the Zerg doubled back for us!

Also this is just sneaky:

Anyways, I did have a point when I started this post but rambled off a tad. Everyone beat me to the punch about the recent hotfix. Moar Medallions = Good news! Away to Gamesday this weekend, randomly crashing at a guildies sofa for the Saturday before the big day sunday so should be fun. And hopefully I'll come away with something interest to share!

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  1. Dude, I feel your pain. My main has been RR60 forever too. I don't know what exactly happened, but it feels like progression has slowed way down.

    I think part of it is that there isn't any new gear to be had for quite some time to come. Back when I was working on my early 50s, each RR had a new Invader piece to unlock and it was exciting. After 55 though, it's just a long trudge through purple numbers until your mid-60s when Warlord starts to become available.

    Seriously, that's like 1.5 million RPs before you get any meaningful gear progression. :)