Saturday, 3 September 2011

500 Games of Lol

Ok so a defeat is not the best game to hit a milestone with, and I'm ignoring the 2 leaves which were technical disconnects, but I felt it was big enough for me to throw out there!

I started playing League of Legends at during the Christmas period in between the release of Cassiopeia (The Serpent’s Embrace) and Caitlyn (The Sheriff of Piltover) and just as I was weaning off of WAR.

Honestly I'm still loving the game, trying new characters as their cycled through and picking up some mileage with older favorties. (My mains are Amumu, Morgana & Skarner though I can throw out a passable Vayne, Nasus and Nocturne when I need to) I'm far from the best or anywhere near l33t but I'm not too shabby even if my score does hover far to close to 50/50 for wins & loses!

I've never really had any issues with just having the two maps to play on, the different team comps mixed up with there always being new champions to try out or brush off mean that despite 11 months of effectively playing the exact same deathmatch map I've yet to be bored or start lagging.

Sure you get nights when you only seem to get grouped with playing who were born to be raged at. (I rage out loud for 5 minutes shouting at my monitor, then I open up the game chat and try and be constructive) And other night when I can't do anything right! Once Dominion, the new game mode comes out I can't see a point in the near futrue when I'll put the League to one side.

Far and away the next way to play is with a pre-made 5 man team which unfortunately I don't have apart from getting called in occasionally to be the missing 5th man but its not the same!

Overall I can't recommend it enough if you like instanced PvP although the structure (based on DotA) may put some people off it's what you find in most MOBAs.

In other news I finally got a acceptance into the Warhammer Wrath of Heroes beta and I'm looking forward to getting into the next session. It seems to be exactly what I enjoyed out of Warhammer without the bits that finally drove me away in a cloud of apathy! Do Want.

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