Monday, 4 July 2011

Mission DF. Part 1. Strike the earth!

So as promised part one begins.

I've started by generating a fairly standard world though I've upped the savage areas a bit to hopefully make things a bit more interesting.

The world is called Ilusnir - "The Everseeing Land". Here it is in all it's majestic glory.

Home Sweet Home.

The gray swathes are mountain ranges. There is glacial field at the northern pole and desert wastelands to the south. I've decided to set up towards the south hopefully. You can see where I've tried to pick it out.

And the here's spot I've chosen to call home.

Destination...Right here.

4 different biomes meet here, savage woodlands to the east, untamed wild grasslands to the east and a river and terrifying mountain range run roughly north to south through the centre. Setting up without a river or a brook is generally a bad idea and will lead to your fortress dying from thirst if anything interrupts your moonshine industry whether it be you brewing getting killed off or just some fool dwarfs eating the last of your plump helmets (brewable mushrooms)! Which will happen.

We should hopefully see a nice mix of wild vicious animals, undead monstrosities and evil creatures venturing across our territory to set things off nicely!

Our fortress home will be named: Konkivish. Dwarvish for Masterlancer. Sometimes the random name generator excels itself.

Home to 7 plucky dwarfs. I give you our starting cast:

Sarigs Boltedhatchets. (Yep you can name the dwarfs). He prefers to be along and talks to inanimate objects when thinking. He is very weak. Which is unfortunate as he is our wood chopper and only person capable of swinging a axe to defend the fort.

Eral Confusehelms. One of our two miners, he also does a secondary trade in crafting trade goods from spare wood. He finds helping others rewarding but is unaffected by the suffering of others. He also bites his nails. Odd.

Kivish Paddledrasped. Our second miner. She has no second skills. She likes eating sugar, is nervous and clumsy, has no spatial sense, no willpower and fails in social relationships...hence why she's banished to the mining pits.

Sodel Pickmoons. Our only doctor and seconds as a trader/book keeper to keep her busy. Hopefully we wont be needing her much. She likes helping others to, has a iron will and no patience. Just what you want in a doctor.

Tulon Boltpartners. A bone carver with a smattering of cooking/brewing skills. Clumsy with very bad intuition. Likely why she though joining the expedition was a good idea.

Eral Opencanyons. Well focused but prone to disease this chap is our architect and mason, he's also a stone crafter. He likes stone.

Shem Violetoiles. Our last lucky lass, this is our carpenter and mechanic. Also a very basic cook and brewery to help out. She is flimsy and overindulges.

In keeping with the established traditions of Dwarf Fortress stories if anyone wants to claim a dwarf for naming should out in the comments along with the skills you want them trained in and I'll rename one for you.

Selecting supplies, I've stocked up on plenty of food and drink along with picks and a axe, some bags, theads and ropes. Two breeding pairs of wardogs as I think I'll be needing them and some chickens. They'll supply eggs, meat and they're easy to breed should I need to shut myself off under ground.

So we're all set and it's time to Embark!

Hungry Leopards

Well here we are lads....wha..WHY IS THE GROUND EYE BALLING ME?!

The floor has eyes....hundreds and hundreds of eyes. They won't stop staring. After a quick panic I've discovered them to be harmless and just part of the flavour of the region. And freaking creepy.

Having a quick scout around the map we find the area to be luckily empty of any immediate dangers which'll give us a chance to set up before getting mauled by any thing but not so lucky in that it is completely flat (other then a sandy hill in the south east corner) which means I'll have to dig down rather then being able to sink into a rock face which is more defensible and better looking. :-/

Priorities will be getting under ground, setting up some bedrooms and a hospital. Establishing some kind of defensive perimeter and making some goods to trade for when the caravan arrives. There's a brook (a shallow river that you can just walk across) just to the north of where the screen shot ends that trails down to west and then to the south so I may try and dig some kind of moat. Also some kind of narrative once I've come up with a story and had a poke around the worlds history!

I'll sign off here for the moment. If I've any readers left let me know you thoughts and if you've played DF before suggestions always welcome. I'm a mediocre player to best. I'll try and updates regularly.


  1. I think there needs to be a Dwarf named Werit :)

  2. Ha, you got a preference buddy? Your prob traveling atm so if I don't hear back I'll dub one of the miners for the next installment!