Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Whelp if you hadn't noticed I've been idle a long while.

To be honest I've not been playing a huge amount of WAR lately and been easily distracted with other games.

While I've not been tempted by any other MMOs I've found my time mainly hogged by Blood Bowl UE, a great adaptation of my favorite tabletop game and the only one I still get together with old friends to play, & League of Legends, a frankly awesome game for short (around an hour) bouts of PVP on 5v5 or 3v3 maps. It's only you level both a toon within a given game and start from scratch each game. I'd highly recommend both but especially League of Legends which has a free to play model that actual works and doesn't penalise against people who don't fancy forking out.

Like I say i'm still playing WAR but with long stints at work, If I've only got a hour in the evening to play it's no longer the game I'm booting up first...

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