Monday, 24 January 2011

Ain't dead yet...

Regular posts will follow shortly, had a shockingly busy festive period followed by stupidly busy work period (still on-going) meaning i'm rarely home in time to get any decent play time in.

On the plus side it seems to mean I'm not experiencing a lot of the seeming 1.4 burn out a lot of the regular bloggers seem to be going through at the moment.

The cracks haven't really shown through for me as yet, ORVR roaming with a small experienced guild group mixed with Scenario's is still a perfectly valid option on KA server when I've deigned to log on, but to be fair we tend to avoid the keep zerg's. Other then the guild healer alts who have been absolutely RACKING the purple number in. Leeching bitches the lot of them.

To be honest though I've pretty much abandoned all of my alts unless we're a healer short; other then my main who's up to 67 who, still being defensive specced is almost entirely useless other then a speed bump with out at least one person to support. It's probable still my biggest draw and largest log off for me. I've pretty much given up on any attempts at soloing. It's entirely useless without re-speccing and I still don't have a decent 2 hander to make venturing out alone a valid option....effectively I've given up on WAR as a solo option. I just don't enjoy it unless I'm backing someone up. In a PUG warband I find it too random, and frankly most random players to be nothing but a frustrating waste of time.

.....So I tent to log on, solo queue for a bit and if no-one turns up in guild I'll generally log within the hour.

Well before I peace out for now I have two things to say:

1. New Dyes.... not always a great idea:


2. I get bonus renown for being awesome, and may or may not be the anti-christ:



  1. Since I'm playing a healer at the moment, I'm fine at any time, but I'm dreading going back to my KotBS whose at RR43 (My armour is about as effective as wearing a paper suit).

  2. Glad to see that some of the WAR bloggers are reemerging after a winter hybernation!