Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Regular Broadcasting Will Resume Shortly! Now with added RAGE!

Right well the last month has been a almost complete write off WAR wise for me unfortunately.

Between housesitting with no connections and work going absolutely mental I've only made it on a couple of times!

But the dawn has broken and I'm back at what I enjoy so regular (well as regular as before) posts should follow!

Having said that I did log on a couple of times post 1.4 going live, not really long enough to get a proper feel for it other then a couple of city sieges and just long enough to start getting majorly irked by the constant refund of mastery points.

You see 1.4 brought in a free refund. So I spend most of my availible time switching through my 8 alts reallocating my mastery points (In almost every case putting them back where they were before other then a play around with the renown abilities). Finally done and BING! Hotfix! All your points are refunded!


None of my guys were even using the ability that got changed! Such a damn waste of time if you don't want to change anything! I know if you do it's great but if you've got to cycle through every toon to put things back like they were yesterday it's just annoying! Make it a token you can change to the mastery trainers! Make it capped at one per toon or just fix it so the first change per toon per refund isn't charged! Jeeze! Or is it just me? Does everyone else practically skip down to the trainers for a change to jam points into random differents trees just to see what'll happen?

Anyhoo...when I finally finish the rounds of fixing that I may be able to get back to beating people in the face!


  1. A token would is a brilliant idea. I'm in the same boat as you, I have 4 level 40 characters and I didnt bother speccing my witch elf until last week (as I rarely play her). A few days later and she's now bereft of mastery points again

  2. Vindicated! I've only respecced my main this time round to force me to focus on Sarigs. After time I want to alt hop now I remember that and convince myself it's not worth the hassle right now! Added you to my roll Btw, only just come across your blog :-)

  3. I just spec them next time I log on them. Since I pretty much know the specs inside out it doesn't take that long. Not really fussed. :P