Sunday, 7 November 2010

Chickened Out!

Well for the last little while I've realised too late that my Rank 31 SH was far too close to hitting 32 and leveling out of T3 before he could grab the max influence bow that I really, really wanted!

So as a result for the last little while I've been desperate trying to maximise influence while running madly from anything smelling of XP and despite see-sawing back and forth I could tell whether I would make it. It come down to needing 850 Influence and only being 11k away from hitting 32. I was just beginning to give up hope when this happened:



So close!

Was pretty close as well! I'd flagged by the Gutter runner as in combat so I held out a final hope that the tick if he went down might nudge me over the edge!

Last Chance!

Bottom line? It didn't work.

Oh, I got the tick all right but it still left me 51 Influence short.

I'm sulking now. :-(

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